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prioritizing peace

Sometimes you try to find it within yourself, sometimes you sit in the corner of the room that no one walks into, sometimes you sit in the verandah when its raining and sometimes you eat. Buy a panda phone cover, look at the gorgeous sky colours, click selfies, colour in the jumbo coloring book!

Peace is the small things we do, there is peace in babbling with your youngest cousin sister and there is peace in having a wholesome conversation with your eldest cousin. There is peace in eating, singing, and dancing around foolishly in the house. Something that usually no one speaks about, you run after success in order to live peacefully but sometimes unknowingly you lose your internal sanity in order to achieve. So thinking wisely and keeping certain things constant could be a very healthy choice, prioritizing small parts of you will always save you, when you ever find yourself drowning

Take a moment, sit down; don’t hurry. Be kind to yourself!





How people forget that ‘respect’ is not supposed to be snatched but earned. The question is… Is it so difficult afterall?

With days, months and years passing by, elders have forgotten the concept of give and recieve. If you pass on hate, you’ll obviously receive hate only. The scenario has come down to a level wherein only the concept of receipt works. You can’t answer back at any point, because then not only will you be called disrespectful but also many accesorising words will be used for you, like ungrateful, rude, not capapble. Instead of accepting it once, that a mistake has been committed on their part, the blame shifts. Suddenly you’ll be asked to apologise. FOR? LEGIT NOTHING.

And funnily, you can’t have the audacity not to, coz then relationships are at stake. Oldest of trust bound relations suddenly come crashing down. It’s high time. People open their eyes for god’s sakes and start respecting each other irrespective of age, gender or the relation their share with them.

No one tries to understand that once you take any person for granted, be it a younger one, you start losing the amount of respect the other person had for you. Solely due to this lack of respect, relationships have been breaking up at a continuosly high rate. Make sure, you don’t make anyone suffer!



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the reality.

ever felt the strongest and the weakest at the same point? ever sent a smiling emoji, when you are heartbroken? ever just pretended to be fine, even when everything was shattered. ever were you silent? when all you just wanted to do was cry the hell out? ever cried with no tears at all and a smile on your face? ever felt your world fall apart? ever felt someone enter your brain process? ever wondered why you are worth it?

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“Friends” or I guess not

She knew he’d be on her side,  she knew he had her back, she knew that even if the universe falls apart, he was going to stay, there, for her, ALWAYS.

and i guess that turned out to be wrong for she thought, it was love; without whom she didn’t want to, doesn’t mean she couldn’t, but she just didn’t want to face another day.. Nothing really happened, but just a “tinie-hinie” incident that made her realise, that the guy just didn’t care.

The worst part you know, is not when someone doesn’t love you and believe in you, the worst part is, when you believe that the particular person cares and they don’t.

The belief gave her power whereas the broken belief tore her apart. Not only was she hurt, but broken.

Broken into pieces that weren’t ever to be retrieved.

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Overthinking- Not A Solution

Soo, alright it’s been quite a few days now, that i have realised that overthinking, worrying and fearing about stuff , doesn’t lead you anywhere… I know it’s too damn easy to suggest somebody something, it is actually very very easy to advice.. But there is no better suggestion I could give anyone at this point, in this busy world, where nobody cares about anything tho…. still




If you don’t…You’ll be happy and contended and that is what is necessary.

Nobody knows about how much time you are gonna live for. Nobody knows, how many breaths of your share are left… so believe me, live in peace till you are alive and die without regrets…

love unconditionally

trust blindly

be loyal

Not saying, that you don’t care for anything, but just trying to convey that invest yourself emotionally only till an extent that you could handle it, that your body could take it, that your mental peace is not at stake!

That it doesn’t lead you to a position that you lose your will to live. That happens..

don’t fear any of the decisions you made. you belong to a species which is allowed to make mistakes. chill. and calm down please.


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Make yourself breathe.

and sometimes you do realise that you are important to some people!

that’s your reason to live

that’s your reason to smile

find that one reason, that one person; if you can, you are sorted; if you can’t,wait, stay alive and you’ll be able to find the one!!

-“my perspective and i do respect yours as well”, Apply it!


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An unusually upsetting dayy.

The shadow of the leaves on my home wall. The golden street light, throwing sprinkles of glitter on the neem tree. The doggie was sitting outside the house main door. The gate was closed and I was there standing in the verandah.

i was quite

while the cold breeze pierced through my body, I was numb.. not I in my senses.

I saw people staring at me, I just didn’t care tho. Something was really wrong

I wanted him to come

I just wanted him and nobody else

I didn’t want to hear anybody else

I was cherishing the last memories of US together

The most beautiful, unforgettable and precious memories together

I didn’t want him to call . I wanted him to come. To come up to the door and say” I am there for uu, don’t worry, I’ll be there for u come what may.” Anybody else,  could also have said that, but I just wanted to hear it from him. I was incomplete, a part of me was with him. I wanted this bad. But he didn’t

I saw people going by, stare again. Or let’s just say, I noticed. Then I realised I was freaking wearing only a half sleeves shirt, and my jacket was inside..

The small girl who lived in the same apartment was walking upstairs to her home, with her father.. I am usually the kind of person who always acknowledges everybody… as I saw the girl fall, I didn’t say a word.. her father was amazed, even was I as.. I wanted to say that she should take care, but i didn’t. Words just didn’t support me..They just didn’t come out.

And as I saw people walk by, I was expecting something, searching for him

I was sad, I don’t know whyy

It just hit me, that it was over

I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone of you and also, I wholeheartedly thank all you amazing people, for a whooping 200 likes on totally all my posts!! I appreciate and admire you people a lot!!

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How someone abuses the beauty they possess!!😕

How you use your beauty and how you abuse it, you get to know it by a hell lotta girls today!

o mann!! Not only girls, even boys!

u shocked?

No problem to them in breaking hearts💔💔! Winning them in the first place and then fearlessly and fiercely breaking it all into pieces! Obviously these dumb people don’t know that “karma hits back hard”! It really really does.

HOW can someone do it? You thinking that?

yeah, people nowadays possess guts. They have no soul, no feelings.  Astounding you may call them, they’ll shake you up..

they start liking you on the basis of how you look and then, they leave you on the basis of how the other one looks.

i seriously wonder, how would the ladies and gentlemen of this genre, even get to sleep at night. You make one feel worthless, you sometimes even compel one to give their lives away..

yes people loose their hopes to live, just because they feel that all the other people they are surrounded by, in this whole world   are as sick as the people they used to love.

do they really are supposed to be called humans??

apart from this, I would just like to say

ditch them😏

stay happy


your life is very very precious and worthy to a lot of people; your parents!💕

sooner or later you’ll find them 💛

until then stay happy 😊 

be lit 🙃


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