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it happened, just coincidently…(loved it though!;)

So, it was a pretty!pretty!! day. It was my b’day or say the best day ever!!

All i expected was, to have presents, love and wishes from all the loved ones.The people, actually “my people” were ready to make it more special and beautiful for me. But little did i know that i would be receiving  something which would make me the happiest person on the Earth alive,that day….

I would never have had imagined that “he”  would be there…coincidently!, but he was..

Actually i never even imagined, that he would even greet me, but he did. That day the word “coincidence” just took the perfect moment out!! The word, that day, just made out the perfect and the best sense in my life….


ps : inspired from a real story

thanks for reading 😀




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