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From being circled, the one thing which comes into my brains, and never leaves is about, how a very dear friend of mine, elder to me, got proposed!!! 

So, I was in class 10 and my friend was in class 12. There was this cute and caring guy in our school , whom everybody liked. He was in class 12 too… by the way he talked to Didi , I always used to think that he liked her , I also used too tease her all the time by his name….

But she always used to say that , he was like that to everybody…Although!somewhere deep inside she also liked him. I was pretty sure that they would be great together, but both of them were, i don’t know, shy!! i guess. Actually at that point of time we all weren’t aware that life is too short and hence “one should not keep waitingg” !!! 😶🙄

And thankfully, i don’t know how, Abhi , the guy i’m talking about, wanted to confess. 😀 He told me this! And honestly i was really very very happy about it. To be honest, i could not sleep that night, in excitement, as the other day, what i wanted, should happen was happening finally. The guy finally got some brains, I imagine from where: but i’m happy he did. 😛

So he decided that we three would meet up in a mall! He circled Didi up , by a few cute kids in pink, who had placards which said ” WOULD .. YOU .. BE .. MINE .. FOREVER !! “

Didi said YES! I was probably the happiest person there.. I hugged both of them!!😊

And this is how the word “CIRCLED” takes me down, through my memory lane , full of beautiful memories….😄😄

thanks for reading 😀






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