How someone abuses the beauty they possess!!😕

How you use your beauty and how you abuse it, you get to know it by a hell lotta girls today!

o mann!! Not only girls, even boys!

u shocked?

No problem to them in breaking hearts💔💔! Winning them in the first place and then fearlessly and fiercely breaking it all into pieces! Obviously these dumb people don’t know that “karma hits back hard”! It really really does.

HOW can someone do it? You thinking that?

yeah, people nowadays possess guts. They have no soul, no feelings.  Astounding you may call them, they’ll shake you up..

they start liking you on the basis of how you look and then, they leave you on the basis of how the other one looks.

i seriously wonder, how would the ladies and gentlemen of this genre, even get to sleep at night. You make one feel worthless, you sometimes even compel one to give their lives away..

yes people loose their hopes to live, just because they feel that all the other people they are surrounded by, in this whole world   are as sick as the people they used to love.

do they really are supposed to be called humans??

apart from this, I would just like to say

ditch them😏

stay happy


your life is very very precious and worthy to a lot of people; your parents!💕

sooner or later you’ll find them 💛

until then stay happy 😊 

be lit 🙃


thanks for reading ✌🏻

aaradhya tyagi



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