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An unusually upsetting dayy.

The shadow of the leaves on my home wall. The golden street light, throwing sprinkles of glitter on the neem tree. The doggie was sitting outside the house main door. The gate was closed and I was there standing in the verandah.

i was quite

while the cold breeze pierced through my body, I was numb.. not I in my senses.

I saw people staring at me, I just didn’t care tho. Something was really wrong

I wanted him to come

I just wanted him and nobody else

I didn’t want to hear anybody else

I was cherishing the last memories of US together

The most beautiful, unforgettable and precious memories together

I didn’t want him to call . I wanted him to come. To come up to the door and say” I am there for uu, don’t worry, I’ll be there for u come what may.” Anybody else,Β  could also have said that, but I just wanted to hear it from him. I was incomplete, a part of me was with him. I wanted this bad. But he didn’t

I saw people going by, stare again. Or let’s just say, I noticed. Then I realised I was freaking wearing only a half sleeves shirt, and my jacket was inside..

The small girl who lived in the same apartment was walking upstairs to her home, with her father.. I am usually the kind of person who always acknowledges everybody… as I saw the girl fall, I didn’t say a word.. her father was amazed, even was I as.. I wanted to say that she should take care, but i didn’t. Words just didn’t support me..They just didn’t come out.

And as I saw people walk by, I was expecting something, searching for him

I was sad, I don’t know whyy

It just hit me, that it was over

I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone of youΒ and also, I wholeheartedly thank all you amazing people, for a whooping 200 likes on totally all my posts!! I appreciate and admire you people a lot!!

thanks for reading πŸ™‚



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