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Overthinking- Not A Solution

Soo, alright it’s been quite a few days now, that i have realised that overthinking, worrying and fearing about stuff , doesn’t lead you anywhere… I know it’s too damn easy to suggest somebody something, it is actually very very easy to advice.. But there is no better suggestion I could give anyone at this point, in this busy world, where nobody cares about anything tho…. still




If you don’t…You’ll be happy and contended and that is what is necessary.

Nobody knows about how much time you are gonna live for. Nobody knows, how many breaths of your share are left… so believe me, live in peace till you are alive and die without regrets…

love unconditionally

trust blindly

be loyal

Not saying, that you don’t care for anything, but just trying to convey that invest yourself emotionally only till an extent that you could handle it, that your body could take it, that your mental peace is not at stake!

That it doesn’t lead you to a position that you lose your will to live. That happens..

don’t fear any of the decisions you made. you belong to a species which is allowed to make mistakes. chill. and calm down please.


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The Unimaginable Beauty

We do think that thtings change overnight. They don’t. Also one thing that nobody pays attention too, is that what is meant to happen, happens and what is not meant to, it doesn’t..I used to be the simple nerd who just studied!!

Never did I ever in my life, even imagined that I could be excited and happy. It was just after this music competition , I met great people. Who obviously became really very good friends later. I went to the “music room”. Our music room. First time I stepped out of my world, the world full of me and my books. I met new people and little did I know that I would be habitual. Habitual of the room, the people, the love and the happiness. We were a group of people who loved each other unconditionally. The laughter, if I may say, is unforgettable!! 

We loved each other’s company, we helped each other. Everyday, the motivation to go to the school were not the books anymore, it was that room. Although, I am not up for magic and stuff a lot, but there was a thing with that room that made it so special. The warmth we felt in the room was astounding to me!! It was like the home to us!! We were happy. I was happy.

Our love for each other, turned the room into our heaven, not even now can I imagine that we are no more together.

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Confessions- Sometimes Beautiful & Sometimes Upsetting

 Daily Prompt: Confess

There are a lot of things we think about in a minute, so to imagine the kind and number of thoughts one has in a day, is unimaginable!!People say that to confess all what you have in your heart is the best way to keep you mentally healthy. They are partially correct.

As it’s like, sometimes the truth is not just the thing a person is looking for, he/she might just want a person to be there and just listen, not asking for any of their suggestions but just wanting them to be there. I know there are a very few people just being there for you, but their are some, respect their presence and love them!!☺️

“to confess” Does sound really good but doesn’t always gives you the results you wish for. But will give you satisfaction, you’ll sleep that dayy… Keeping yourself happy is the most important and the most difficult thing in the whole wide world. FOR my suggestion would be, confess if you think that’ll make you happy. And if you feel that it would break you into pieces and your world would shatter, then don’t.. JUST DON’T. You should never break your mental sanity…

AND to be very very honest, if your confessions are direct from the heart, you’ll face no problems, trust me on this….🙃

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The story of “HER”

The one who understood me from the core and thus! well enough to guess what would have happened to my shitty life even by having just a glance at me…

She is the one whom I can not describe in words The lifeline which everyone wants to find some day in life..I had one and for “Parii” my soul mate cum best friend cum guide.I really cannot thank God enough for what I’ve got in life.😊

She was the one who never shared her problems.She gave me all the solutions for the best, but never really told me any of her problems.. <<<I used to think she had no problems>>>. She was just tooo perfect..❤️

Then one day, she opened her heart out to me and I was shocked!!!standing speechless, I was just amazed by the beauty she hid this all to her heart after all this while, when I used to think that she simply had no problems in life…

She did not even want that person to be upset, who had hurt her deeply. After a long pause ,I just realized what an amazingly crazy person she was. she “the bestest person” I’ve ever met…..😘

She was not hiding things from me, like my younger sister does not listen to me or my mom is giving her more attention than she is giving to me. She did not EVER have the common teenage problems which everybody had, but the problems she had were really serious and believe me when I say this.. “she was having serious issues”.

After this she found in me a comforter who gave her all the suggestions, without judgements  so  she shared with me, the things which I never thought she would have been going through…😁☺️😊

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