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My Favourites

2017 Favorites

So, to begin with..

  1. 2K17 was amazing and there are quite a lot of pictures ,i clicked,which mean a lot to me. Each one of it, is special in their own way. And each one of it, has an emotional story attached to it!!

so here are some of them💝

  1.  I was going crazy due to the pressure of our mathematics exams!! yes the only thing   which bothers a normal child!😂  And then, I stepped outside in the verandah… This is what I got, and I just loved it!! One  of my best captures….♥️✌🏻

and the sky tells you all!

2.  She is one of the cutest things ever!!!! I love her more than anything else♥️😘….And that was clicked by me when she was going crazy after the bubble stick, we bought for her….😂💙


3. My dearest sister got into a trouble with the bull!!! Yes, you heard me!!😂😂 This is how i captured it!! GOD SHE WAS AFRAID… 🤣 and this is what happens when you make your child sit on the bull, against their wishess!!!😅😂


4. So, I had to attend a party at my relatives’ and the house was just so amazingg..💚🎉You look that by yourself!! One of my favourite clicks and thy place had mind boggling food, i tell you..I HAVE MEMORIES DAMNN!😂


Not allowed to set out anymore pictures, i hope you enjoyed the stories behind them!!😉

Here are, some more awesome memories-pictures from 2017, which i liked–

  1. https://aartigarde.com/2017/12/31/weekly-photo-challenge-2017-favourites/
  2. http://www.lflop.org/my-2017-favorites/
  3. https://mysilverstreaks.com/2018/01/01/wpc-some-singular-snaps/
  4. https://jeranynebre.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/let-2017-fly/
  5. https://danbayless.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/letting-go/
  6. https://katcarpita.wordpress.com/2018/01/02/2017-favorite-photos/

Hope you enjoy them as well!!

thanks 😀


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Say Hiii to 2018!!!!!!- It’s a Beautiful Beginning..♥️




This year, try and do these three specific things and probably at the end of the year,tell me about it??? 2017 was a commendable journey. AND here it comes, “2018” , maybe God has great surprises for you or maybe somebody else does 😂😄. I don’t know if it makes any sense to anyone of you, start naturally, anybody who comes up to you: go ahead, acknowledge them, even if 2017 had brought different colours to you. Give them a chance! That’s what i am doing!!!🙂


And actually do whatever you wish to do..Listen to people, judge the situation, but still, do what you think you’ll strive for, come what may!! THIS WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY, REALLY HAPPY. It’s often said that what’s done in the society is right and this also creates a certain problems.Not a usual thought, as I am not one of those usual people you’ll meet, the society is made up of people and such a small thing is not understood by the people themselves? It’s just sad😔


The perspective-ignored totally. Sometimes it seems that having a perspective, is of no use. But it’s not like that, people with perspective and purpose, are found to be less these days. You be one of them, this year.💜💚

A very happy new year to all of you!!!!!

thanks for reading 😀




It Was Just Over😔

So, she was crying, as she had lost a piece of her heart or the heaven broke out into tears.😭The wind was no more cheerful as it used to be, the people were no more precious as they used to be. She just ran away, slammed the door, thinking what she would do.She felt cheated. Suddenly all the problems she ignored till then rose up as major huge threats. Because the support, she thought, would always be there was no more.. 😐😧


She broke down..She was shattered…Her life came to a hault

As her thoughts took a turn, all the negativity filled in. She was not able to think anymore.The PERSON she had loved all her life, left her or say ditched her and for whom?

her very own best friend. ya. the best friend forever. her life.

That day Aisha wasn’t able to sleep. She crawled all over her room crying and asking herself only one question, again and again.. What sin did she commit to have a punishment like that? AND that is a very valid question to be asked. But most often the very valid questions do not have any answers.😖

The most colourful girl, had no more colours in her life. The most humorous girl, had no more fun. She blamed herself for everything. Making a “BEST FRIEND” who was supposed to be a well wisher??? AND loving a person NO “ANIMAL” WHO dumped her for her best friend??? For no reasons??? She just loved people and trusted them. 

And that is the amount she had to pay for it. Never ever in your life do a thing like that, you won’t be able to look up at yourself in the mirror. It’s karma, don’t ever think, that you’ll do bad to a person and then you would be able to stay happy. GOD is there to help out people who are honest and thus, this is how it worked!! Aisha, got the news that the guy and her “whatever”, had an accident and were very critical.

Aisha now trusted people, but not blindly! she didn’t change but now, was happier because, now she knew that, who are there for her would always be there! She was stronger than ever before and ready to fight all the storms out there! She now respected the honest people more than she used too……🙂

thanks for reading 😁


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Confessions- Sometimes Beautiful & Sometimes Upsetting

 Daily Prompt: Confess

There are a lot of things we think about in a minute, so to imagine the kind and number of thoughts one has in a day, is unimaginable!!People say that to confess all what you have in your heart is the best way to keep you mentally healthy. They are partially correct.

As it’s like, sometimes the truth is not just the thing a person is looking for, he/she might just want a person to be there and just listen, not asking for any of their suggestions but just wanting them to be there. I know there are a very few people just being there for you, but their are some, respect their presence and love them!!☺️

“to confess” Does sound really good but doesn’t always gives you the results you wish for. But will give you satisfaction, you’ll sleep that dayy… Keeping yourself happy is the most important and the most difficult thing in the whole wide world. FOR my suggestion would be, confess if you think that’ll make you happy. And if you feel that it would break you into pieces and your world would shatter, then don’t.. JUST DON’T. You should never break your mental sanity…

AND to be very very honest, if your confessions are direct from the heart, you’ll face no problems, trust me on this….🙃

thanks for reading 😀



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The Doubts And The Preferences


So, hours and hours of thinking and discussion, like, upto an extent where one’s thinking and processing ability just vanishes. Whenever it comes upon making a preference between two majorly important people of your life, not only yours but everybody’s mind is kinda blown.

Having your preferences clear, is very very difficult. EVERYONE HAS DOUBTS, UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!!!

AND the thing you should know and not get afraid off, is DOUBTS GET CLEAR AND EVERYTHING GETS BETTER WITH TIME. We often get scared..Circumstances tend to make us scared. Have the courage and be proud!! You made a decision, because not everyone can and also, not everyone has that golden opportunity to make decisions of themselves…

Love your life, it’s precious. Dude prefer life over anything.. anybody , I understand it’s difficult, for the people who love everybody except for themselves. But give it a hit, love yourself as well and listen to whatever your heart says!!!!!!!

thanks for reading 😀


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Ignore The Frauds; They’ll Come And Leave!!


See, the word ‘fraud’ usually comes to our mind , like a thousand times a day and lets be honest, it’s obvious that the people we think would care about us, usually don’t. It’s really hard to hear and then bear that, but that is how it is! They never said they would but it’s us who expect a lot from “PEOPLE”. It can’t be quoted that “humanity exists no more” or something, but it’s very much visible that their are not a lot of people who really care.

Here, some of them do!! They really do, but these are the ones ,whom we most commonly tend to take for granted, this is probably the biggest and the harshest mistake we ever commit. These are the mistakes, which we repent on, for the rest of our lives.

For instance, I have this, very great friend of mine, she is Jessi and often when i compare her to most of the new people i make friends with, i think she gets irritated! although she doesn’t at all even speak a word on that(i kind of love her for that). I think she knows that i’ll come back to her always 😀 .But when i am in a problem, which is like in every few days, i get a reality check. The one who’s always there to support me, take care of me and love me is her. I really love her for who she is. 

Everyone has that one person. Somewhere deep inside, we know him/her as well.

So here it is.. Go up to them.. Hug them And tell them, how much you love and care for them!!! It’s not always that you get a second chance. And life is too short to live with regrets. Live happily 

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Gather up your courage – Embrace your Fashion & LOVE IT :D


So!! looking at Aishwariya Rai and styling yourselves like her and then getting praises, doesn’t give  you any happiness or basically nothing, yet “praises”. You are good at styling , you know how to do it well//    but!!

Still you step back..

Just because you fear that “if” something goes wrong?? “if” what i made is not liked by anybody??

“if” “if” “if”

Really sorry, but this       <<<if >>>     won’t help you anyways, anyhow! You ought to have the courage to embrace yourselves the way you are. Love yourself and be confident..Let it be wrong for once.. we are humans and to make mistakes is the way we change..

If you love what you do, then it would be liked by everybody; trust me on this.. And also if you really want that nobody should criticise you on anything then let me make this very clear that then you won’t be able to develop in any circumstances and as far as i know everybody wants to develop! Develop into something beautiful one day .. So let the criticisms come your way, accept them and work on them!!! FAIL AND GET UP,  GET UP STRONGER ; STRONGER THAN EVER!!

and so my friend

love your colour combinations, style them your ways and carry it beautifully, because that is something which you have worked hard on!! that is something which you love!!

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The Denial she lived IN and dealt with, the way no one could have had!! 🤞🏻

So, even if she heard of somebody saying that God isn’t there, she used to freak out. She believed in Him and obviously for some particular reasons, but she did!

Amanvika Singh, a really very close friend to my mom and dad both, had an alcohol addict to her, as her husband. The guy was honestly, not worth aunty at all! She is a nice person who always takes everything into account. She always made sure that uncle and her in-laws had no problems. Neither financially nor for daily house purposes. 

According to her GOD existed. She had full faith that one day her husband would come out of all this! Not only for her but also his parents and a five year old! Who was his daughter, the one who loved him extremely. She could never see her father like that. Even to a five year old , the continuous fights and constant violence in the house was percieviable. She was disturbed and disrupted like hell.😧

But aunty was probably in denial. She just had this belief that one day uncle would be back “TO NORMAL”. The one whom she married, against the wishes of her parents.. The one who loved her and cared for her!! For her to be positive in these circumstances was kinda impossible…..

but there she was, always optimistic! she was the one who beautifully tried and……






Her belief in god though!!😊

So it was not denial i guess!! yess ☺️
It’s been five years that uncle is sober!!! 😁


thanks for reading 😁


the daily prompt- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/deny

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From being circled, the one thing which comes into my brains, and never leaves is about, how a very dear friend of mine, elder to me, got proposed!!! 

So, I was in class 10 and my friend was in class 12. There was this cute and caring guy in our school , whom everybody liked. He was in class 12 too… by the way he talked to Didi , I always used to think that he liked her , I also used too tease her all the time by his name….

But she always used to say that , he was like that to everybody…Although!somewhere deep inside she also liked him. I was pretty sure that they would be great together, but both of them were, i don’t know, shy!! i guess. Actually at that point of time we all weren’t aware that life is too short and hence “one should not keep waitingg” !!! 😶🙄

And thankfully, i don’t know how, Abhi , the guy i’m talking about, wanted to confess. 😀 He told me this! And honestly i was really very very happy about it. To be honest, i could not sleep that night, in excitement, as the other day, what i wanted, should happen was happening finally. The guy finally got some brains, I imagine from where: but i’m happy he did. 😛

So he decided that we three would meet up in a mall! He circled Didi up , by a few cute kids in pink, who had placards which said ” WOULD .. YOU .. BE .. MINE .. FOREVER !! “

Didi said YES! I was probably the happiest person there.. I hugged both of them!!😊

And this is how the word “CIRCLED” takes me down, through my memory lane , full of beautiful memories….😄😄

thanks for reading 😀







Acted like the wittiest!!- @bóùt the ex best friend.. 🙅🏻👩‍❤️‍👩🙅🏻


So, she thought she was really “witty” and not only her but even I thought she was!!  (witty not at all in good sense, which you’ll be able to make out from the rest of the post)..From being the “so called” friends with everybody to being the teachers’ pet, she was a really ‘cunning’ one..

Although, to be very honest, I don’t use these kind of words for elucidating anybody, but the one “who should not be named” (not lady Voldemort)😂was not at all a trustworthy person… She was once my best friend , in class L.K.G. So that’s really clear, that if i don’t use ‘cunning’ kind of words for anybody than why the damn would i use it for even my ex-best friend!(AND also this should be known to you, that my friends are life, i trust and love them a lot!!!)  Yes, she did something very unacceptable and inappropriate..😔

There were problems in my family and so when in the school, she asked me if i was fine, i told her….

I trusted her…

But i really didn’t know that she would do it..She basically spread it in the whole class! I was in L.K.G i didn’t know what to do.😶

Even today i have tears when I think about “her” doing it to “me”…… Even after that she did things which were inappropriate…😭

But I kind of knew, now, like to what extent she could get down  to!! So I drifted apart!! I stopped believing in “best friends”, but then, here came Parii about whom i’ve already mentioned in my first blog post….

you can read it as well!!!!


thanks for reading 😀