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The Unimaginable Beauty

We do think that thtings change overnight. They don’t. Also one thing that nobody pays attention too, is that what is meant to happen, happens and what is not meant to, it doesn’t..I used to be the simple nerd who just studied!!

Never did I ever in my life, even imagined that I could be excited and happy. It was just after this music competition , I met great people. Who obviously became really very good friends later. I went to the “music room”. Our music room. First time I stepped out of my world, the world full of me and my books. I met new people and little did I know that I would be habitual. Habitual of the room, the people, the love and the happiness. We were a group of people who loved each other unconditionally. The laughter, if I may say, is unforgettable!! 

We loved each other’s company, we helped each other. Everyday, the motivation to go to the school were not the books anymore, it was that room. Although, I am not up for magic and stuff a lot, but there was a thing with that room that made it so special. The warmth we felt in the room was astounding to me!! It was like the home to us!! We were happy. I was happy.

Our love for each other, turned the room into our heaven, not even now can I imagine that we are no more together.

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From being circled, the one thing which comes into my brains, and never leaves is about, how a very dear friend of mine, elder to me, got proposed!!! 

So, I was in class 10 and my friend was in class 12. There was this cute and caring guy in our school , whom everybody liked. He was in class 12 too… by the way he talked to Didi , I always used to think that he liked her , I also used too tease her all the time by his name….

But she always used to say that , he was like that to everybody…Although!somewhere deep inside she also liked him. I was pretty sure that they would be great together, but both of them were, i don’t know, shy!! i guess. Actually at that point of time we all weren’t aware that life is too short and hence “one should not keep waitingg” !!! 😶🙄

And thankfully, i don’t know how, Abhi , the guy i’m talking about, wanted to confess. 😀 He told me this! And honestly i was really very very happy about it. To be honest, i could not sleep that night, in excitement, as the other day, what i wanted, should happen was happening finally. The guy finally got some brains, I imagine from where: but i’m happy he did. 😛

So he decided that we three would meet up in a mall! He circled Didi up , by a few cute kids in pink, who had placards which said ” WOULD .. YOU .. BE .. MINE .. FOREVER !! “

Didi said YES! I was probably the happiest person there.. I hugged both of them!!😊

And this is how the word “CIRCLED” takes me down, through my memory lane , full of beautiful memories….😄😄

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